Building a distinct brand requires effort, time and consistency. The logo is the most precious visual asset a brand has. The way you use the symbols will either add or lessen the value of our brand.

For the winners, these logos will become to symbolise their lifework and our recognition of their achievement. It is a symbol of their excellence. Therefore you should treat it with the highest respect. E.g. never use the logo where people might sit on it or on napkins for people to wipe their mouth with.

Use the logos to mark ownership. You should place them so that it is easy to understand who is putting out the message. The placing of the logo should be such that there is no need for repetition. We think that the overuse of a logo diminishes its value.

Place the logos on any solid colour background and use the highest contrasting version available (black or white). The logo should be easy to notice.

The logo should always be visible in its entirety. Never deconstruct the logo, use any of its elements separately or crop parts of the logo hidden. Do not devalue our strongest brand asset by using it as an illustration or background.

The visual identity has five illustration sets for these purposes.

Only use logo files found on this page. Use them unaltered. Do not twist, alter the size ratio, colour, bolden, lighten, or skew them. Only use the fixed logo combinations (TAF, MTP, MIF), when you need to indicate multiple ownership.

Please do not place any graphic elements near, behind or over the logo. The margins of the logo file mark the bare minimum of a so-called “safe space” needed around the logo. Do not place any graphic elements inside this space.

When in doubt: ask us. We’re here to help you with the correct adaptation of our brand assets.